From the 26th-28th July, Biesse held it’s Biesse Inside Event, showcasing a full range of industry 4.0 ready machines and systems, and attracting hundreds of companies over the three days. Displays were designed to show how the digital factory can change the way we design and produce objects, through integrated, complex solutions that are easy to use.

Displays and Demonstrations of over 100 technologies took place over the 3 days

Exhibits covered various areas such as Hardware, Software, Surfaces and Edges, and we were lucky enough to be amongst those exhibiting, showcasing the latest in Joinery Automation. The IJSPLUS stand spent the three days demonstrating TopSolid’Wood 2017, its versatility and flexibility, and how it can be used to create Parametric wall paneling, amongst other intricate and exact applications.


A fantastic example of this parametric paneling was on display within the IJSPLUS stand, manufactured by Ryder Shopfitting.

Over the 3 days we saw visits from many of our valued and existing clients including Greater Group, Rintoul, Harvey Norman Shopfitters and Café Kitchens, as well as having the chance to meet with other event attendees, who’s interest was sparked by the advanced capabilities of TopSolid’Wood.

IJSPLUS team Chris, Marcin, Adam and Robert

Night two saw Biesse hold a VIP night where we met with our clients Capital Veneering and Ryder Shopfitting, while also allowing us the chance to meet with other event exhibitors and learn more about how others in the manufacturing industry are digitizing and automating their processes.


IJSPLUS team members Chris & Robert catching up with valued clients Capital Veneering and Ryder Shopfitting at the VIP night.

The event did an excellent job of highlighting the need for automation and integration, and IJSPLUS is proud to present TopSolid’Wood as an Industry 4.0 ready software solution, capable of meeting the growing demands of the manufacturing industry.

We would like to thank the Biesse Group and all our customers for a fantastic and successful event, and look forward to seeing you at an event soon! Follow us on social media to stay on top of where you can next see TopSolid’Wood and the IJSPLUS team in action.

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