Supplier Magazine feature Sep/Oct 2017 ‘Manufacturing with SafeCode’

The following article has been taken from Sep/Oct 2017 edition of Supplier Magazine. There is no argument that software is one […]

The following article has been taken from Sep/Oct 2017 edition of Supplier Magazine.

There is no argument that software is one of the most important issues for modern manufacturers. From the highly technical aviation and marine industries right through to woodworking in joinery, windows and cabinet construction; software plays an invaluable role in keeping costs down and production up. There are dozens of software products available in Australia; some are still working and some sit in the bottom of a drawer because they never did what the supplier said it would. Enter a supplier that is highly experienced in a wide range of industries with a suite of software products aimed at, and customised specifically for the Australian furniture, cabinet and joinery industry.

SafeCode is a LeasePLUS Group Company. LeasePLUS opened its doors in 2002 in the financial services sector and over the next nine years new partnerships and businesses were added to form the LeasePLUS Group. In 2011 SafeCode became part of the group to include a range of services and products including management and manufacturing software. Today SafeCode provides a complete range of software solutions for a wide range of industries including the furniture and cabinet industries.

The LeasePLUS Group motto is ‘Innovate, Develop, Deliver’ and they have the drive, determination and the people to do just this with software that have very specific and very advanced capabilities.

An example of their leading software is PaletteCAD 3D software from Germany, used by cabinet makers; commercial joiners; interior designers and architects World-wide for high quality presentations. It’s very quick and easy to use and can be integrated into your order management system, your CNC machines and your stock management system. PaletteCAD in the rest of the World is mostly used as a design program but SafeCode have their own highly-proficient technicians working right here in Australia who have developed an excellent CAM (manufacturing) addition to PaletteCAD that specifically suits Australian manufacturers.

IDACSPLUS is another SafeCode Company providing design and manufacturing software including the PaletteCAD; ASPAN; COBUS; ICB; BlueCell and CABPRO software programs that cover every manufacturing need in the furniture; joinery (windows and doors) and cabinet industries. IDACS is an acronym for ‘Innovate, Drive, Advance, Consult, strengthen’ and harnesses the extensive experience of their industry experts to offer advanced solutions with the training and support a mature industry like Australia’s cabinet manufacturers, expects from its software provider.

From IDACSPLUS, ASPAN is a name well-known in Australia. An Italian software Company, ASPAN has been used on many Italian machine brands for decades and is still widely used all around the World. It’s well-priced and highly regarded for its ease of use. ASPAN links to a vast number of CNC machines and is often thought to be one of the easiest programs to use. It can be linked to machines popular in Australia such as Anderson; Biesse; SCM; Weeke and Woodtron.

Optimisation software is essential in reducing waste and maximising the yield from your expensive raw materials. IDACSPLUS offers the BlueCell optimisation software developed by Eurosoft and extensively used in the USA and around the World.

BlueCell saves time and money with highly accurate yields from board materials because it uses mathematical algorithms developed by researchers at the University of Vienna that ‘looks’ at over 100,000 possible optimised solutions in just a few seconds. There will be no doubt that the solution you are offered is the best possible.

COBUS is a complete CAD-CAM software product where your imagination is the only limitation. SafeCode’s Natalie Gray says, “If you can imagine it, COBUS can build it.” Developed in Germany, the software links to every known brand of CNC machine and is highly proficient with all wood working applications such as doors and windows; stairs; worktops; caravans and boat building. The things you have seen at exhibitions like automatic suction cup positioning; nesting; 3D simulations; 3D machining; parametric programming and even the output of G-code if you want it are of course all possible with COBUS.

And if this wasn’t enough; SafeCode have a product developed in Australia for parts management. ICB is software that sits between CAD (design) and CAM (manufacturing) for nesting in either true-form or rectangular nests; it’s your choice. This program is one of only a few that is capable of both. ICB is a post-optimisation software package that gives you complete control over your nested layouts because it’s the little things that add up to big losses.

ICB is a highly flexible program made for Australian manufacturers that allows you to customise your nests to better suit your needs. It also has multiple labelling, reporting, and importing options.

IJSPLUS also sits under the SafeCode umbrella and this name is an acronym for ‘Integrated Joinery Solutions’ that offers the TopSolid’Wood design software from the French Missler Company. In addition to software, SafeCode also offers services in asset finance and systems solutions; while their parent company LeasePLUS Group provides novated leasing and salary packaging.

SafeCode also develops websites for both desktop computers and mobile devices; develops apps to support their services and offers IT infrastructure systems, but it’s their software that is the focus of this article. SafeCode offers the complete suite of design, manufacturing and management software and is able to tailor a solution for every different manufacturer. Most of the programs are available in various levels so it’s possible to tailor a solution from several programs that meets the very specific needs of your business.

Norman Kurta is CEO of SafeCode and has a wealth of industry experience. He says “Our aim is to be the market leader. Our focus is mainly on support because we recognise this has been an issue for the industry for many years. All our people work directly for us; we don’t use agents so our customers always talk to the Australian supplier.” The advent of automated manufacturing using CNC machines is coming to a new age with Industry 4.0 and software will be the main driver of this change. It doesn’t have to be difficult; you just need the right partner.

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